Exploitable Assets

In-situ processing

Diminishing the need for large centralized infrastructures, huge data transfers, and the respective necessary energy, in-situ processing lowers the cost and environmental ramifications of Big Data stream processing systems by orders of magnitude.

Mobile Phone Fraud Detection

Mobile phone fraud is unauthorized use of the telecommunications network accomplished through deception. The goal of this application scenario is to bring fraud detection to a new level.

Smart City with IoT and Big Data

A smart city is a concept which integrates multiple information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in a secure way to manage a city’s assets.

CEP Optimizer

Since in vast scale applications (event) data of interest are produced or collected at remote sources; they need to be combined to respond to global application inquiries.

Proton on Storm

IBM partner has implemented its open source complex event processing research tool IBM PROactive Technology ONline (PROTON) on top of Storm

The Event model - TEM

The Event Model (TEM) provides a new way to model, develop, validate, maintain, and implement event-driven applications.

FERARI Architecture in Call Anomaly Detection

Big Data platform developed to pilot implement smart network monitoring in order to detect anomalies in call performance and indirectly affect customer experience.

Distributed Online Learning Framework

This framework includes a distributed complex event processing (CEP) engine, a Query Planner that dynamically optimizes the CEP engine to the current data distribution and a distributed online learning framework.

Data Masking Algorithms

The open source data masking framework has potential to be exploited in the industry as well as in the scientific domain. Within data masking framework three main concepts can be identified as exploitable.


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