Smart City with IoT and Big Data

A smart city is a concept which integrates multiple information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in a secure way to manage a city’s assets. City’s assets include, but are not limited to, transportation systems, waste management, water management, safety systems, local departments information systems and other community services, and data management as well.  Idea of the Smart city Rijeka project is to made traditional networks and services more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies, with emphasizes on Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, to improve quality of life of Rijeka’s citizens and for the benefit of its businesses.

Technological lead of the Smart City Rijeka project is Ericsson Nikola Tesla. Hrvatski Telekom is major and most important partner. Along with Hrvatski Telekom, there are dozens of other partners on the project, mostly small to medium companies with good reputation and great understanding of local economy, and few faculties and other educational institutions.

Under the umbrella of Smarty City Rijeka, there are 8 interdependent projects as follows:

  1. Smart Platforms
  2. 4D Intelligent infrastructure
  3. Smart Transport and Mobility
  4. IoT
  5. Big Data Services
  6. Tourism
  7. Energy Efficiency
  8. Smart Economy

Hrvatski Telekom is project lead for 5. Big Data Services and takes part in other projects as a partner providing consultancy services, business or technological support.

Scope of the fifth project is development of portal and mobile apps with various data sets and analysis for citizens, public institutions and business subjects in City of Rijeka. HT wants to build and develop Big Data Advanced analytics competencies and provide services for Smart City.

Idea is to connect to various data sources from private and public sectors, perform various analysis and make data sets and results of analysis available for citizens and business subjects which operate in the City of Rijeka. Big Data technology and tools play vital role in the project since there is huge amount of data to be processed and analysed. Substantial amount of data will require real time or near real time processing. Also, sources of data are very heterogeneous and data has to be systematized, unified and adjusted for further use. Big Data system will connect to various sensors spread throughout the City of Rijeka. Ericsson Nikola Tesla is developing Internet of Things (IoT) platform which will serve as a backbone for the sensors. Sensors will be integrated in traffic lights, traffic signs, public transportation vehicles, phone booths and will measure intensity of traffic, quality of air, pollution etc. Data lake will store the data and advanced analytics will be applied to pair the data from the various sources and build knowledge, make conclusions and predictions on different subjects such as route optimization and mobility, public safety, innovative pricing models for marketing agencies and advertisers based on crowd and target group movements etc. IoT platform will be operated in cloud provided by Hrvatski Telekom. Hrvatski Telekom will also provide billing, provisioning, storage back-up and fault management for the IoT platform. IoT platform with its inputs and outputs is described in picture below. Magenta (pink/purple) boxes represent services directly provided by Hrvatski Telekom.

Data privacy and security are also the important topics to be addressed. For that purpose Hrvatski Telekom developed Trust Center as a key enabler for data pseudo anonymization and anonymization. All personal data processed and analysed in use case has to be pseudo anonymized.

To obtain pseudo anonymization, data streams from various sources have to go through the Trust Center before landing in Data Lake.

IoT platform as a backbone for smart services and solutions developed in Smart City Rijeka project
IoT platform as a backbone for smart services and solutions developed in Smart City Rijeka project