Poslovna inteligencija


Poslovna Inteligencija (PI) is one of the leading vendors for implementation of analytical systems and strategic ICT consulting in South East Europe. PI expertise areas are extensive knowledge of methodologies and concepts for successful implementation of analytical solutions; in-depth understanding of business processes in medium and large enterprises in different industries including communications, manufacturing, banking, insurance, distribution, retail and government; partner relationship and implementation experience with all market leading technologies, proved with vendor certificates. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, PI operate from offices in London, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo, with more than 70 experienced consultants. Our customers are some of the largest enterprises in SEE and we also provide nearshoring implementation services.

PI is actively involved in preparation and execution of several innovative projects in Croatia, region and Europe, working with academic institutions like Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at Zagreb University and University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Most important ongoing innovative project is Eureka project FAIR – Friendly Application for Interactive Receiver, the first tool to provide the mobile consumer with consumer reviews, brand ratings and detailed product information. It will provide tools that make it possible for the brands to connect directly to its customer at the point of sale, and in real time while the customer is shopping. PI is in the project in charge of data collection and indexing, creation of ontologies and semantic analysis of the data, using HDFS and Open Source tools. PI is working closely with HT in development of HT internal analytical systems since 2004.

CVs of key personnel

Dražen Oreščanin (drazen.orescanin@inteligencija.com) graduated from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Radiocommunications and Professional Electronics in February 1992. After graduation he was employeed from 1992. in Zagrebačka banka. His first experience in the field of systems for data warehousing and business intelligence was in Zagrebačka banka where he participated in numerous projects and developed applications for credit risk assessment and risk management from 1994 until 1998 at the position of expert developer and team leader. Afer that, he was employed in Kaptol Bank Group as Vice president for information technology. Since 2000 he was working as Deputy Director of IT department in Agrokor. He is one of the founders of Poslovna inteligencija, where he worked since 2001 at positions of Director of Strategy and Development and Chairman of the Board. His responsibilities include development of new markets and introduction of new technologies and methodologies. He is expert in the fields of telecommunications. He participated in the most complex data integration projects in the role of project manager and solution designer, such as projects in the T-Mobile Croatia, Dukat, Tisak, and in the region in the Montenegrin Telekom and Telenor Serbia. He is also involved in innovative projects in Poslovna inteligencija, such as Eureka project FAIR (6774).

Marko Štajcer (marko.stajcer@inteligencija.com) graduated from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics. After graduation, he has joined Poslovna inteligencija consulting team and since then has built his carreer on different and challenging projects and technologies strongly connecting wide knowledge of data integration, data quality and big data with detailed knowledge of telecommunications and finance industry. Since 2008, Mr Štajcer has participated in most complex data integration projects in Croatian Telecom, VIPnet and IntesaSanpaolo Card as solution designer, technical project manager and project manager. In 2015, he is promoted in Innovation & Development Director. On this position, Mr. Štajcer challenges new frontiers in Big Data field and is involved in innovative projects in Poslovna inteligencija, such as Big Data analytics and architecture design and development of Poslovna inteligencija Big Data solution.

Marko Štajcer (stajcer.marko@inteligencija.com) graduated at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb. Now he is consultant and developer in Innovation and Development department at the Poslovna Inteligencija. He is presently focused on architectural integration of Fraud Mining Prototype to be used in the FERARI project. Also, he works on data anonymization tool and he is actively engaged in the overall company’s Big Data initiative.

Iva Sorić (iva.soric@inteligencija.com) graduated in 2015 at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science – Department of Mathematics. After graduation she joined the Innovation and Development department at Poslovna inteligencija. Since then she has been working on projects concerning Big Data analytics and actively participates in exploring new Big Data solutions.

Lada Banić (lada.banic@inteligencija.com) is senior consultant in BI department and works on innovative projects that consolidate data mining, text mining and Big Data technologies. She is currently working on FAIR project (Eureka 6774) on developing tool to provide the mobile consumer with consumer reviews, brand ratings and detailed product information, that PI is carrying out with French and Romanian partners. She is also working on several data mining projects concerning churn fraud prevention as well as coordinating or leading several projects with PI’s high value clients. Except on data mining project she has been working on projects regarding DWH development and reporting. She has great experience in business process management, business process development and reengineering.